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Today companies face reduced productivity and increased costs caused by stressful lifestyle

& disease burden among employees. Employee health concerns and chronic diseases can lead to

  • Stress 

  • Missed Work Day

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Lower Productivity

  • more health insurance claims

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What is Healtheness Corporate Wellness Solution?

Healtheness is a comprehensive full circle corporate wellness solution comprising of health interventions based on quantifiable health data gathered through a personalized digital health portal. This helps to promote wellness as well as prevent & manage diseases among employees in order to create a healthier work environment.

Healtheness consists of two components:

  1. Hyjiya Wellness Portal     

  2. Corporate Wellness Program

Component A: Hyjiya Wellness Portal

Hyjiya is an online health & wellness portal that helps people keep all their health records in one place with regular health assessments, recommendations for lifestyle management, and access to best health & wellness resources. The features & offerings of Hyjiya Wellness Portal can be described under the following three categories:


Component B: Corporate Wellness Program

The Corporate Wellness Program provides health & lifestyle interventions for employees. These interventions/activities are created after insights obtained from the Hyjiya Wellness Portal.

The interventions are based on three core areas of wellness:

  • Nutrition Management 

  • Activity & Lifestyle Management 

  • Stress Management 

These interventions are aimed to create wellness through:

  • Preventive Programs: addressing health-related behaviors & risk factors, creating awareness and promoting healthy habits.These interventions are aimed to create wellness through:

  • Disease Management Programs: focusing on improvement of disease states.

 The customized Corporate Wellness Program comprises of

  1. Email Counseling

A personalized feature allowing employees to discuss their health report in confidence

  1. Health Awareness Sessions

  2. Lifestyle Management Talks

  3. Group Counseling Services

  4. Health Promotion Activities

Planned for disease prevention and/or disease management by fostering better health through behavior change

  1. Health Camps

Menu of different camps addressing different health conditions (vaccinations, blood group testing, screening etc.)

  1. Healthy Newsletter.

Request for a demo and let us provide you with  customized solutions.

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